Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Many of the boxes come with halos."

"I finally learned how to come into possession of an encyclopedia. I already own one now - the whole thing contained in three glass vials. Bought them in a science psychedeli. Books are no longer read but eaten, not made of paper but of some informational substance, fully digestible, sugar-coated. I also did a little browsing in a psychem supermarket. Arranged on the shelves are beautifully packaged low-calorie opinionates, gullibloons - credibility beans? - abstract extract in antique gallon jugs, and iffies, argumunchies, puritands and dysectasy. A pity I didn't have an interpreter. Psychedeli must be from psychedelicatessen. And the theoapotheteria on Sixth Avenue has to be a theological apothecary cafeteria, judging from the items on display. Aisles and aisles of absolventina, theopathine, genuflix, orisol. An enormous place; organ music in the background while you shop. All the faiths are represented too - there's christendine, antichristendine, ormuzal, arymanol, anabaptiban, methadone, brahmax, supralapsarian, suppositories, and zoroaspics, quaker oats, yogart, mishnameal and apocryphal dip. Pills, tablets, syrups, elixirs, powders, gums - they even have lollipops for the children."

-Stanislaw Lem
The Futurological Congress

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