Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jandek Update

As I said at the end of my Jandek post, I was going to write to Corwood Industries to request a catalogue. I did just that, mailing my request the Monday after the initial post. By Friday, look what I found in the mail:

And yes, I redacted my full name and full address. This is the Internet people; I don't need that shit floating around in the ether. But I wanted to point out that that envelope is addressed by hand. That's probably Jandek's handwriting, right there on the envelope. Pretty sweet, right?

Also, here is the catalogue itself:

It's not so much a "catalogue" as a single piece of paper that looks to have been typed out by hand on a typewriter. I'll be spending at least part of this weekend doing some research into what are some good albums to start out with, that way I can mail my order on Monday. I'll keep the updates coming as I venture down the rabbit hole.

1 comment:

Brad said...

Is the rabbit hole some kind of euphemism you men of science bandy about?

What do you reckon is one a dvd? Still photographs of some sort?

By the way, according to Wikipedia, Jandek played a show in the good old Ace Squared.